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Regain, Recover, Recoup: An App for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

An app created by a Brigham gynecologic oncologist is designed to make the road to recovery a little easier for patients on the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathway

Noel Rose

Q&A with Noel Rose: The Father of Autoimmunology

The discoveries that Noel R. Rose, MD, PhD, made in the 1950s revolutionized our understanding of autoimmunity and laid the groundwork for modern inquiries into autoimmune disease. But, as Rose describes in this Q&A, it took meticulous work and perseverance to convince others to take his findings seriously.

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The Future is Bright: Cast Your Vote for BRIght Futures

Three innovative projects are competing for a $100,000 prize that will be determined by public vote


Daniela Carusi, MD, MSc: Making Plans for Placenta Accreta

For over 10 years, Daniela Carusi, MD, MSc, has built a practice around placenta accreta, providing the best treatment options and expanding the medical community’s understanding of this complicated condition

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Look Who’s Talking: My Favorite Image

Brigham investigators share their favorite scientific images from their research.


Brigham Clinical Ethics Case Review

This issue of Brigham Clinical Ethics Case Review highlights a case in which the care team felt conflicted about how to respond to a patient who had previously asked for “treatment until I get better,” but was now dying.


In Case You Missed It: October 2019

Bite-sized news for busy clinicians and researchers

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Comings, Goings & Promotions: October 2019

Jones appointed vice president of Public Policy; new leaders announced

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What’s New in Research: October 2019

Cascades of care; where patients die; variation in prescription drug prices; blood cultures for sepsis; biomarker for dementia