Bright futures return on investment graphicA universal flu vaccine. A hydrogel that can stoke the immune system to fight against pediatric brain cancer. An at-home test that kidney transplant recipients can take to detect signs of infection or rejection early. These three highly innovative projects are capturing the public’s imagination this year as finalists from the Brigham compete for a $100,000 prize to support their efforts. Now in its eighth year, the BRIght Futures Prize supports researchers and clinicians at the Brigham as they work to translate scientific discoveries into innovative medical solutions. This year’s field has been narrowed to three finalists. Now, the public votes to determine the winner of the competition’s prize.

Since the BRIght Futures Prize was launched in 2012, the Brigham Research Institute has awarded $800,000 to its recipients. Winners have gone on to garner more than $24 million in additional research funding and have hired 36 new team members, produced 28 peer-reviewed publications, developed 26 new partnerships, given 47 invited talks or poster presentations and filed four invention disclosures or licenses.

Everyone can cast a vote for this year’s BRIght Futures winner, and those at the Brigham are strongly encouraged to vote and share. Find out more about the three finalists to decide which project you want to support; vote for your favorite; and share the competition with your friends and family. Voting closes on Nov. 7 and the winner will be announced at Discover Brigham. You can register to attend Discover Brigham here.



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