Each month, Look Who’s Talking features voices from across the Brigham answering the same question. In honor of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, this month we asked: What is one of your favorite memories from your time at the Brigham so far? If you would like to add your voice to the conversation, please submit a comment at the bottom of the page.

“Since joining the Karp Lab and Innovative Biomaterials Lab this year, I’ve had the opportunity to work at the interface of disciplines, looking for bioinspired strategies to improve oral drug delivery. My favorite experiences have been in learning how to turn to nature for inspiration. My work in the lab gives me a new appreciation for the natural world where even sea creatures can be a source of ideas for new biomaterials or devices. Having mentors like Jeffrey Karp, PhD, and Yuhan Lee, PhD, who co-advise me, has helped me think about my career journey after I complete my MD/PhD program.” — Shonit Nair Sharma, Karp Lab & Innovative Biomaterials Lab, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine


“I’m at the Grad Student Appreciation Luncheon right now, and this has been one of my favorite experiences. I’m so glad the Office of Research Careers and Brigham Research Institute put this event together because it gave us the opportunity to hang out with each other and see familiar faces, both from within our lab and from across the campus. This is such a nice way to start the spring as a community. It reminds us of the fun part of all being in the same place.”  — Lisa Situ, Cichowski lab, Division of Genetics


“Our lab is at 65 Landsdowne, so we happen to be farther away from Longwood Medical Area. We find our own ways of interacting with each other, as each of us is often working on different projects. Last week, we decided to do a movie night, just among the students. That is a great memory we have from this year. When you put a bunch of scientists together, it’s no surprise that we ended up watching a time travel movie. I think the experience allowed us to learn a lot more about each other. Definitely planning to make this a monthly affair!” – Khyati Arora, Shafiee lab, Division of Engineering in Medicine


“As a PhD student, many of my favorite memories at BWH have come simply from casual encounters with colleagues in the hall. To have so many very good scientists and clinicians here, even just a chance conversation with a coworker in my department has resulted in new ways of thinking about the questions I’m tackling.” — Garrett Dunlap, Rao lab, Division of Rheumatology, Inflammation, and Immunity