Q&A: Julie Silver, MD

Silver talks to CRN about her work studying gender disparities in medical society award recipients


BRI Program Brings Research Interns into the Lab

Financial and administrative support from the BRI help make the summer a success for undergraduates and investigators in 16 labs.

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How Does Your Work Exemplify the Hallmarks of a Magnet Hospital?

BWHers share their thoughts on how their work reflects high-quality patient care; clinical excellence; innovations in professional practice; and inter-professional collaboration.


Reza Abdi, Pioneer in Skin Transplant Treatment

High-risk, high-reward idea for skin transplants leverages innovative biomaterials.


Downward-Facing Rat? How “Rat Yoga” Is Unraveling the Mystery of Back Pain

In their quest to understand how stretching can ease back pain, Helene Langevin, MD, and her colleagues are gaining insight from rodent models in the lab.


Comings, Goings & Promotions

Harris Departs Brigham; Wilk Named Chief of the Hip Preservation Service; Wante Retires

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In Case You Missed It

Bite-sized news for busy researchers and clinicians.


What’s New in Research – September 2017

Circadian timing & eating; new drug target in Parkinson's; infants born small in low-income countries; and a new opportunity in palliative care


Fitness Trackers: On Track or Not?

Neil Shaw, MD, recently spent an elective rotation with Brigham iHub.