Feeling Right at Home: Pilot Study Brings the Hospital Home

When patient William Terry, MD, was randomly selected to participate in a pilot study to receive care at home instead of being admitted to BWH, he didn’t think twice about signing up.


Careers of the Future: Promising Professions in Research and Patient Care

BWHers share insights into what fields are growing and the trajectory of careers in biomedicine.


BWH Researcher Devotes Life and Profession to Yoga

In addition to living in an ashram and practicing yoga several times per week, Sat Bir S. Khalsa, PhD, is a neuroscientist who studies yoga as an intervention for insomnia, anxiety and chronic stress.


What’s New in Research

"What's New in Research" shares new work by Mallika Mendu, MD, MBA, Giovanni Traverso, MB, BChir, PhD, and Chuan Wu, PhD.


New HHS, NIH Requirements on ClinicalTrials.gov Issued to Increase Transparency

Two important changes are going into effect on Wednesday, Jan. 18, in order to make information about clinical trials more transparent: the HHS final rule and the NIH policy.

From left: MSK undergraduate summer interns Adel Andemeskel, Anna Nachbor, Anthony Aggouras, Janis Lee and Isaac Donnell, with MSK Research Center co-chair Jeffrey Duryea

BRI Musculoskeletal Research Center Bridges Disciplines, Disorders

The Musculoskeletal Research Center connects researchers and clinicians pursuing research on bones, joints and muscles and the disorders that affect them.


Careers of the Future: Promising Professions in Research and Patient Care

BWHers share insights into what fields are growing and the trajectory of careers in biomedicine.


Searching for Answers in Inflammation

Learn more about the exciting research, collaborations and mentorship happening in the Serhan Lab in a new video.

20161110, Thursday, November 10, 2016, Boston, MA, USA, Brigham and Women's Hospital held their second annual Discover Brigham day-long campus-wide research day on Thursday November 9, 2016.

Discover Brigham Sessions: (in order of appearance)
Magnet® Matters: Nursing Research - Bornstein Amphitheatre
Next-Gen Regen: The Future of Regenerative Medicine - Brigham Building for Transformative Medicine
Just Breathe: Advances in Lung Disease Research - Zinner Breakout Room
Great Expectations: New Developments in Prenatal and Fertility Care - Bornstein Amphitheatre
Information Innovation: The Power of Precision Medicine - Bornstein Amphitheatre
This Is How We Do It: Innovation @BWH - Zinner Breakout Room
Stepping Strong: Making Strides in Trauma Care - Brigham Building for Transformative Medicine
Battling Brain Drain: Fighting the Good Fight Against Brain Disease - Brigham Building for Transformative Medicine
In the Crosshairs: Targeting Opioid Addiction - Zinner Breakout Room
Beyond Borders: Advancing Infectious Disease and Global Health - Bornstein Amphitheatre
Awards Ceremony - Bornstein Amphitheatre
Reception - Brigham Building for Transformative Medicine

background – "This year, the BWH community will have a lot to celebrate and talk about at Discover Brigham. The Brigham Research Institute is inviting faculty, staff, patients and the public to its annual celebration of science and medicine on Nov. 10, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Many of this year’s events –  including the award ceremony and reception – will take place in BWH’s brand new building at 60 Fenwood Road. In the spirit of the new building’s mission, the theme for Discover Brigham will be “collaborate, accelerate, translate,” and attendees will be invited to learn all about BWH’s efforts to bring new discoveries from the bench to the bedside faster than ever before.

The day-long celebration will feature a special nursing research forum, lunch for those who register for the day, 100 research

“Lab-in-a-Patient” Microdevices for Next-Generation Precision Medicine

Oliver Jonas, PhD, MA, has developed a tiny device, smaller than a grain of rice, that releases small doses of anti-cancer therapies into tumors.


Look Who’s Talking

This month, we asked: What do you wish you had known when you first started as a principal investigator at the Brigham?


What’s New in Research

This month's edition of "What's New in Research" highlights exciting work by Charles N. Serhan, PhD, DSc, and Hadi Shafiee, PhD.


Shyn Narrows in on More Effective Approach to Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment

Paul Shyn, MD, is exploring better ways to both diagnose and destroy tumors.

Louis Nguyen, MD, MBA, MPH and Rebecca Scully, MD represented the BWH team that competed for the grand prize at the Partners Connected Health Innovation Challenge event held in August. From left to right: Louis Nguyen (BWH), Rebecca Scully (BWH), Kevin Chang (PCH), Gabriel Martinez-Santibanez (PCH), and Shiyi Zan (PCH). (not pictured: Ann DeBord Smith and Dan McDuff)

Center for Surgery and Public Health Team Competes at Partners Connected Health Innovation Challenge

BWH team awarded Runner-Up, received more than $40,000 worth of supportive services for their innovative technology to screen and diagnose for peripheral artery disease


A New Home for the Neurosciences

Neuroscience represents the biggest research area moving into the new Brigham building at 60 Fenwood Road this fall, and its clinicians and researchers plan to enhance communication and promote collaboration with many other departments.


Koo, Savage Awarded Grants for Innovative Research Projects

Two projects awarded $50,000 grants from the BWH Health and Technology Innovation Fund during a ‘Shark Tank’-style competition to fund their respective projects.

Before receiving pancreatectomy with islet autotransplantation, Karen Grippen experienced constant and debilitating pancreatic attacks due to chronic pancreatitis. Today, a year and a half after her surgery, she’s able to enjoy kayaking and swimming and has gone back to work.

Multidisciplinary Surgery Offers Hope to Those Suffering From Pancreatitis

A daring technique, introduced in 1977, has been successfully performed six times at Brigham and Women’s hospital.


What’s New in Research July 2016

Aspirin mobile app; nanoparticles and type 1 diabetes


Taking Aim at Cancer’s Complexity

Aaron Goldman, PhD, a bioengineer by day and muay thai practitioner by night, is developing a 2-in-1 punch for knocking out cancer


Building on Excellence: Cutting-Edge Technologies Available in the New Building

When the Brigham Building for the Future opens this fall, clinicians and researchers will have access to advanced tools and opportunities to collaborate and push the boundaries of discovery in ways that have never been possible before.


Sex Differences Methods Workshop: Embracing a Sea of Change in Biomedical Research

Workshop offers advice, practical tips and historical context for new NIH requirements for female subjects in both basic and clinical research


Gladyshev’s Quest to Understand Aging

BWH researcher studies aging and life span in naked mole rats, bats and more

Neal Lindeman (left) and Lynette Sholl (right) are leading the effort to bring liquid biopsies out of research labs and into clinical settings.

BWH Pathologists Pioneer Use of ‘Liquid Biopsies’ in Clinical Labs

Pathologists at the Brigham are leading the effort to bring liquid biopsies out of research labs and into clinical settings. These blood tests might enable more than half of lung cancer patients with a specific genetic mutation that indicates relapse to forego traditional, invasive surgical biopsies.


BWH Cancer Experts Push Boundaries, Share Optimism at 2016 World Medical Innovation Forum on Cancer

Speakers shared innovations in prevention, detection and treatment of cancer


The Future of Research: Improvements Planned for Thorn and 221 Longwood

Improvements to the Thorn research building are currently underway and a full engineering Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) of 221 Longwood has begun


Infectious Disease Fellow Makes a Rapid Pivot From HIV to Zika

Thomas Rogers, MD, PhD, is searching for a better diagnostic and potential treatment for an emerging epidemic

Arash Mostaghimi, MD, left, and Kathie Huang, MD, right, continue to provide guidance to biomedical company Novopyxis—a relationship facilitated the BRI’s partnership with MassCONNECT.

BWH Experts Forge Connections with Entrepreneurs to Drive Innovation

The Brigham Research Institute has partnered with the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council to facilitate collaborations between clinical and research experts at BWH and local biomedical startups

Christou Lab 1

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Understand and Treat Pulmonary Hypertension and Chronic Lung Disease in Infants

Neonatologist Helen Christou, MD, is conducting basic, clinical and translational research to find novel approaches for the prevention and treatment of pulmonary hypertension and chronic lung disease in newborns


Brigham Building for the Future: Pulmonary Researchers Ready for Move into New Space

The second in a series about the Brigham Building for the Future, this story explores what the new building will mean for Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine research

Stepping Strong Innovator Awards and BRIght Futures Prize competitions are now accepting applications for 2016.

BRIght Futures & Stepping Strong Winners: Where Are They Now?

Innovative prize winners from across BWH share updates on their projects


What’s New in Research: April 2016

MicroRNA for Obesity and Diabetes; Zebrafish and the Immune System


What’s New in Research: March 2016

Google Glass Meets Organs-On-Chips; Global Trends in Vaccine Discovery; Human Rights Failings in the Ebola Pandemic; A Promising Target for Glioblastoma Therapies


Brigham Building for the Future: A Bright Future for Orthopaedic Collaboration

First in a series about the Brigham Building for the Future, this story explores what the new building will mean for basic research, clinical care and outcomes research for orthopaedics.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.20.04 AM

Finding Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer

Q&A with Shelley Tworoger, PhD, an epidemiologist in the BWH Channing Division of Network Medicine


Bridging the Funding Gap

Investigators supported at critical funding junctures by the BRI’s Fund to Sustain Research Excellence have gone on to receive more than $200 million in NIH funding


Stoklosa Devoted to Improving the Lives of Human Trafficking Victims

Hanni Stoklosa, MD, MPH, is deeply committed to improving the detection and care of human trafficking victims through her clinical care, national advocacy and international research.


New Ventures in Biomedical Research Funding

The more than 3,100 investigators supported by Partners HealthCare have created more than 500 new inventions and 363 patents issued in fiscal year 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.58.54 AM

Policy and Innovation eValuation in Orthopedic Treatments (PIVOT) Center launched in BWH’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Research conducted by the PIVOT Center will help policy makers, physicians and patients to maximize treatment health benefits while reducing the overall economic burden of musculoskeletal diseases.

From left to right: Heather Marino, MRCT Center Program Manager; Barbara Bierer, MRCT Center Faculty Co-Director; Rebecca Li, MRCT Center Executive Director;

Mark Barnes, MRCT Center Faculty Co-Director; and Carmen Aldinger, MRCT Center Program Manager.

MRCT Center Takes on Emerging Issues in Global Clinical Trials

The Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of BWH and Harvard is identifying and developing solutions to help global trials flourish while protecting participants.

20160120, Wednesday, January 20, 2016, Cambridge, MA, USA; Brigham and Women's Hospital researcher Jessica Whited, PhD, works in her Whited lab at the Brigham Regenerative Medicine Center in the Partners HealthCare Research building in Cambridge on Wednesday morning January 20, 2016.
Dr. Whited has focused her lab's studies on a salamander type 'Ambystoma mexicanum' known as axolotls which offers a multitude of areas of scientific inquiry due to the animal's ability to regenerate limbs and genetic makeup.

background: "Jessica LaMae Whited, PhD – Jessica holds a BA in Philosophy and a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri. She earned her PhD at MIT, where she studied neuronal architecture in Paul Garrity's lab. As a postdoc in Cliff Tabin's lab at Harvard Medical School, Jessica focused on developing tools to more thoroughly investigate axolotl limb regeneration, and she established a breeding colony of axolotls. These animals are the seeds of the Whited Lab at BWH's Regenerative Medicine Center.  Jessica is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, a Principal Faculty member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, a Smith Family Foundation fellow, a March of Dimes Basil O'Connor Scholar, and a 2015 NIH New Innovator Awardee." ~ http://www.whitedlab.com/ 

( lightchaser photography © 2016 )

Life-long Passion for Nature, Outdoors Inspires Researcher

Q&A with Jessica Whited, PhD, a researcher in the BWH Regenerative Medicine Center


Simple Solutions Spark Sweeping Changes in Medicine

Atul Gawande, MD, MPH, advocates for innovations to improve public health for people everywhere.

James Rathmell, MD, stands by two photographs he has taken.

Q&A with James Rathmell, MD

James Rathmell, MD, chair of the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, discusses his first seven months at BWH, his goals for the department and how his diverse interests in medicine and photography have shaped his career path.


What’s New in Research: January 2016

Atherosclerotic plaques; genetics and sleep; congenital heart disease and neurodevelopmental risk; treating toenail fungus; agonist versus surgery for prostate cancer


Joining Forces to Conquer MS

In a groundbreaking new research collaboration, BWH has partnered with Google Life Sciences and Biogen to decipher why multiple sclerosis progresses so differently among individuals, and translate that information into new therapies and improved care.

Imoigele Aisiku, MD, MBA, (left) speaks with undergraduate students from Worcester State University who visited BWH last summer.

Imoigele Aisiku Focuses on Helping Patients Who Have Sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries

Emergency Department physician Imoigele Aisiku, MD, MBA, merges his research and clinical interests in traumatic brain injury and critical care at BWH.


Gut Check: Studying the Gastrointestinal System to Find New Insights into Newborn Health

Catherine Gregory, PhD, RN, investigates the newborn gastrointestinal system in an effort to both prevent and better detect disease and enhance health in premature infants.


Data from Electronic Health Records Power Research in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Elizabeth Karlson, MD, is using data from EHRs to answer pressing questions about rheumatoid arthritis.