Translating Brain Maps into Potential Treatments for Neuropsychiatric Disease

Shan Siddiqi, MD, MBBS, of the Center for Brain Circuit Therapeutics describes new research on mapping the circuits of the human brain


Meet the 2022 President’s Scholars

This year’s scholars are exploring the interactions between microbes and human hosts, building partnerships to improve global health and unlocking the immune system’s secrets


Clinic Extends Continuum of Care for Patients Beyond Pregnancy

Ann Celi, MD, MPH, one of the program leaders of the Cardiometabolic Clinic, has formed close connections with the patients she treats for preeclampsia during pregnancy or in the postpartum period


Next Generation: Living By My Baba’s Core Values

Bidisha “Eshaani” Mitra, PhD, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Gewurz laboratory, shares how her father's success mantra helped shape who she is today

Brigham research drug delivery

Delivering on the Promise of Long-Lasting Pills

Gastroenterologist and innovator Giovanni Traverso, MB, BChir, PhD, and his colleagues founded Lyndra Therapeutics seven years ago; today, they are closer than ever before to providing medications to patients in a capsule that can be taken just once a week or month


Look Who’s Talking: Brigham Family Shares Its Thanks for Joel Katz, MD

Residents and alumni offered reflections, fond memories, gratitude and well wishes for Joel Katz, MD, who is stepping down after 22 years as program director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program


In Case You Missed It: June 2022

Bite-sized news for busy clinicians and researchers

illustration of headshots connected by lines

Comings, Goings & Promotions: June 2022

Rathmell named chief of Enterprise Anesthesiology; Lemaire appointed VP of International and Specialized Services; Evangelista named lead CRNA for MGB iCare; Negroiu named chief of Anesthesia for BWFH; Fredenburgh departs; Beloff departs

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What’s New in Research: June 2022

Cancer clinical trials during COVID; New candidate target for Parkinson's; SGLT2 inhibitors versus metformin; HMA may activated an oncogene; mRNA vaccines during pregnancy; social vulnerability and outcomes after traumatic injury