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What’s New in Research: April 2019

New targets for gastrointestinal disease; carbon monoxide as treatment for ARDS; strokes and social networks; aspirin-triggered resolvins

3d printed heart

The Brigham Bioengineers: Improved Drug Screening Using 3D Bioprinted Organs and Tissues

Yu Shrike Zhang, PhD, and team are developing a way to screen drug candidates using three-dimensional structures that look and act the same as human organs and tissues.


First Look: Fresh Ideas for Artificial Intelligence

Brigham early-career investigators took the stage to share their bold ideas and big projects at the intersection of artificial intelligence and health care.

Arlene Sharpe

Q&A with Arlene Sharpe

Arlene Sharpe, MD, PhD, a leader in the field of immunology, discusses advancements in cancer immunotherapy, her path to the Brigham and the importance of mentorship and collaboration

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Making a Difference for Trauma Patients

After growing up in a city with one of the highest murder rates in the world, Juan Herrera-Escobar, MD, was motivated to become a trauma researcher.

Bry Gerber

Medicine in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Predicting and Preventing Infection

Brigham investigators are using artificial intelligence to determine how to prevent patients from getting sick from the Clostridioides difficile bacterium

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Comings, Goings & Promotions: April 2019

Cooper appointed Kessler Director; Laskowski named executive medical director; Kenney to depart

look who's talking

Look Who’s Talking: Why Do You Run?

This month we are asking those running on the Brigham’s 2019 Stepping Strong Marathon Team: Why do you run?


In Case You Missed It: April 2019

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