Each month, Look Who’s Talking features voices from across the Brigham answering the same question. At this year’s Research Appreciation Celebration event, we asked those in attendance what makes them proud to be a member of the Brigham research community. Add your voice to the conversation by submitting a comment below.

Brigham researcher“What do I love about Brigham? Well, I’ve been here 13+ years and it’s the innovation and movement from my group that excites me. Every day is something different and it takes a team to make everything happen. We definitely have a team at the Brigham.” – Yvonne Chekaluk, Sr. Program Manager, International Center for Genetic Disease, Division of Genetics



Brigham trainee“I’m new to the Brigham and I’ve able to experience the sense of family and welcome from the staff. The people I’ve met are so helpful and are willing to give a helping hand when needed. I’m surrounded by intelligent people with so much to offer. I’ve learned a lot from my mentors at the Brigham. I’m excited to be here and for my future at the Brigham.” – Amanda Rivera-Morales, Research Trainee, Newborn Medicine



Brigham fellow“I get to work with pediatric cases and pediatric gliomas, so whenever I see any pediatric patient at the Brigham, I just feel happy. It makes me think, “I’m working with the data that can make an impact on these patients one day!” – Divyanshu Tak, Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Radiation Oncology



Brigham postdoctal fellow“One of the things I gained while being at the Brigham is a family. It started with my mentor, then my lab family, and then the Postdoc Leadership Council. Being president of the Postdoc Leadership Council, I often had a chance to meet postdocs from all around the Brigham. The relationships I formed in my role created a sense of family, whether it was when we were organizing events or having small talks among all of us. I’m proud that I have a part in helping members of the Brigham research community network and collaborate. The appreciation we get and the people we interact with are what makes our time special at the Brigham. As a postdoc, this is the best place I’ve ever been.” – Eshaani Mitra, Research Fellow, Infectious Disease Clinic

“The cool part about working at the AI in Medicine (AIM) program is that I get to work with real-world problems and it’s really hands-on. I’m able to see the direct impact our work has on patients at the Brigham. For example, I’m currently working on a project with pediatric brain cancer where we are trying to predict how cancer is going to develop in the future, depending on the growth over time and which treatments the patient is receiving, so I’m directly involved with improving those patients’ life outcomes.” – Juan Carlos Climent Pardo, Research Scholar, Radiation Oncology


A photo of Victoria Baptista Dos Santos and her twin who were born at the Brigham.

“I was born at the Brigham 24 years ago as a pre-term baby, so to be here as a researcher and contributing to newborn-related research feels amazing. Being able to improve medicine for future pre-term babies is what makes me feel proud about being part of the Brigham research community.” – Victoria Baptista Dos Santos, Research Trainee, Newborn Medicine






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