Look Who’s Talking: Brigham Family Shares Its Thanks for Joel Katz, MD

After 22 years of serving as director of the Medicine Residency, Joel Katz, MD, stepped down on June 13 so that the new Department of Medicine chair can reset and reinvigorate the department’s direction by a selecting a new program director. “Serving in this role and working with and for each of you has truly been the honor of lifetime,” Katz wrote in an email to residents and alumni. On Twitter, residents and alumni (aka, “the Brigham family”) offered an outpouring of warm wishes, memories and gratitude for Katz. Some highlights below. Add your voice to the conversation on Twitter or by submitting a comment below. 

Jose Figueroa, MD, MPH, a practicing internist, associate physician, and faculty director of the Medicine Residency Management & Leadership Pathway, shared the news on Twitter and offered his thanks.

Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA, president and chief executive officer of the SCAN Group and SCAN Health Plan, wrote a piece titled “Building And Sustaining A Winning Culture In Healthcare: Lessons Learned From Harvard’s Joel Katz” in Forbes. He also offered heartfelt thanks on Twitter.

Maxwell Coll, MD, a current resident, shared how Katz looked out not just for him, but for his family too.




Ingrid Katz, MD, MHS, of the Department of Medicine, expressed profound and personal gratitude for Katz and his impact on her life and career.

Orly Leiva, MD, a former Brigham resident who is now a Cardiovascular Medicine Fellow at NYU Grossman School of Medicine reflected on Katz’s unique influence on the residency program.


Soumya Raychaudhuri, MD, PhD, director for the Center for Data Sciences and a rheumatologist at the Brigham, completed his residency at the Brigham and remembers the culture that Katz has cultivated.

Simin Gharib Lee, MD, MBA, a co-chief Cardiology fellow at the Brigham, praised Katz for taking risks and increasing diversity.

Jatin Vyas, MD, PhD, an immunologist and infectious disease specialist who is now the program director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at MGH, offered his personal and professional gratitude.

Olivia Hulme, MD, now a cardiology fellow at MGH, thanked Katz for the opportunity he gave her and the doors it opened.

Amin Nassar, MD, a medicine resident at the Brigham and an international medical graduate (IMG), shared a memorable moment with Katz.

Ziad Bakouny, MD, MSc, a current resident at the Brigham, reflected on the way Katz makes everyone feel like they are a part of a family.

Dereck Paul, MD, also a current resident, commented on Katz’s willingness to make connections and help people advance their careers.

Christiane Haeffele, MD, the director of the Structural ECHO program at Stanford Hospital and the program director for the Advanced ECHO Imaging fellowship, shared her gratitude for Katz.


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