Bharti Khurana

Bharti Khurana, MD, clinical director for Emergency Musculoskeletal Radiology, is an expert in the field of orthopedic trauma imaging. Her research focuses on using radiology and machine learning to detect victims of intimate partner violence and harnessing the powers of AI to move beyond clinical diagnosis.

  • The most dangerous place around the world for women is home. Approximately 50,000 homicides committed by a woman’s partner or family members and 55 percent of female homicides are linked to intimate partner violence.
  • If we can diagnose early, we can intervene and prevent IPV, says Khurana.
  • Radiologists can create an objective, unbiased report. Khurana and colleagues published a pilot study earlier this year on using radiology data to find imaging patterns specific to IPV.
  • Her team is developing automated identification of IPV to provide clinical decision support to predict risk probability.

Khurana’s goal is to bring intimate partner violence into focus.