Vesela Kovacheva

Vesela Kovacheva, MD, PhD, is an attending clinician in the department of Anesthesiology, with a focus on obstetric and reproductive medicine anesthesiology. Kovacheva’s research focuses on creating algorithms of drug infusion using deep learning methods, hoping to integrate data into clinical care.

  • As an expert in obstetric anesthesiology, Kovacheva helps a lot of mothers deliver their babies safely and comfortably at the Brigham. She is responsible for, among other things, titrating drug infusions for various drugs, including drugs known as vasopresors that keep blood pressure normal
  • The decision to administer vasopressors is taken every minute based on the blood pressure.
  • Kovacheva is working with partners to use real time data fed into a machine learning algorithm to predict how much medication the patient will need in the next moment. This will augment and be supervised by the physician
  • They plan to pilot with blood pressure medications during c section and have laid groundwork for a phase 1 clinical trial.

“For me, this would be an amazing super power.”