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“Volpe’s Neurology of the Newborn”

By Joseph J. Volpe, MD, Terrie Inder, MD; et al.

In the sixth edition, Joseph Volpe, MD, of Boston Children’s Hospital, and Terrie Inder, MD, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, share the latest advances in diagnosis, management and technology that are revolutionizing neonatal neurology, the book showcases the experience and knowledge of an editorial team from the Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. With a focus on clinical evaluation, the volume’s disease-focused chapters, including a new section on neonatal seizures, offer comprehensive updates on the latest developmental information.

“Cardiac Surgery in the Adult”

By Lawrence H. Cohn, MD and David H. Adams, MD

The fifth edition of  “Cardiac Surgery in the Adult,” by the late Lawrence Cohn, MD, former chief of the Division of Cardiac Surgery, was published posthumously earlier this year. The latest edition contains chapters contributed by many cardiac surgery faculty members. The book covers operative strategy, decision making, technique and pre- and post- operative management for adult patients. Opening with a history of cardiac surgery and science, the book details optimal treatment of many kinds of heart and great vessel diseases including the congenital and acquired varieties. Meant for both practicing surgeons and residents, the latest surgical protocols provide up-to-date information on best practices in cardiac surgery.