ChunKim_bookshelfNuclear Medicine and PET/CT Cases (Cases in Radiology) 1st Edition

Editor: Dr. Chun K. Kim, MD

“Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT Cases (Cases in Radiology) 1st Edition” documents 194 unique cases and features over 550 quality images from the world of nuclear medicine.

The book is composed of several different sections on the topic, including Nuclear CNS Imaging; Infection/Inflammation and Skeletal Imaging; Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine; Lung; Pediatric Nuclear Medicine; Nuclear Endocrinology; PET/CT as well as General Oncologic Imaging; and GI, GU, and Liver, Spleen and Biliary Tract. The question-and-answer format places the patient history on the first page, with the radiologic findings, differential diagnosis, teaching points, next steps in management and suggestions for furthering reading on the second.

The paperback text is also available on Kindle.


Playing the Ponies and Other Medical Mysteries SolvedMushlin_bookshelf

Author: Stuart B. Mushlin, MD, FACP

“Playing the Ponies and Other Medical Mysteries Solved” chronicles the most intriguing cases that Stuart Mushlin, MD, FACP, the former medical director of Brigham Circle Medical Associates, has encountered. Some involve patients with basic symptoms that turn out to be suffering from serious medical conditions, while other patients show perplexing symptoms that require the utmost medical sleuth work.

With each case, Mushlin reveals the twists and turns of each patient’s treatment process and road to recovery. While discussing his practice, he shares secrets behind his success, which stems not from expensive and high-tech machinery, but by closely observing and listening to his patients.

“Playing the Ponies and Other Medical Mysteries Solved” is available in hardcover, and also as an e-book on Kindle.