bookshelf_khuranaEmergency Radiology COFFEE Case Book: Case-Oriented Fast Focused Effective Education

Authors: Bharti Khurana, MD, Jacob Mandell, MD, Asha Sarma, MD, and Stephen Ledbetter, MD, MPH

Bharti Khurana, MD, fellowship and assistant director of Emergency Radiology at BWH, along with colleagues Stephen Ledbetter, MD, MPH, Jacob Mandell, MD, and Asha Sarma, MD, have co-authored a new emergency radiology textbook entitled Emergency Radiology COFFEE Case Book: Case-Oriented Fast Focused Effective Education, published by Cambridge University Press. All authors are alumni of the Brigham Radiology Residency program.

The book features 85 index cases organized by clinical presentations that simulate real-life radiology practice in the Emergency Department. Each index case is followed by a concise discussion of the entity being imaged including pertinent clinical and imaging findings, along with companion cases demonstrating the differential diagnosis and spectrum of disease, for a total of several hundreds of clinical images. Many of the cases include color illustrations.


bookshelf_al-meftyChordomas: Technologies, Techniques and Treatment Strategies

Authors: M. Necmettin Pamir, MD, Ossama Al-Mefty, MD, and Luis A.B. Borba, MD

Chordomas: Technologies, Techniques and Treatment Strategies provides a resource for the diagnosis and management of chordomas, a rare form of cancer that occurs in the bones of the skull and spine. Ossama Al-Mefty, MD, of in the Department of Neurosurgery, along with experts from around the world, contributed to Chordomas, which serves as an essential text for neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, otolaryngologists and radiation oncologists.

The book begins with a historical overview of chordomas, as well as a discussion of the disease epidemiology and pathology. Subsequent chapters explore imaging methods such as MRI, PET and SPECT, decision-making regarding the most optimal surgical procedures and new horizons in chordoma treatment.