This year, the BWH community will have a lot to celebrate and talk about at Discover Brigham. The Brigham Research Institute is inviting faculty, staff, patients and the public to its annual celebration of science and medicine on Nov. 10, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Many of this year’s events –  including the award ceremony and reception – will take place in BWH’s brand new building at 60 Fenwood Road. In the spirit of the new building’s mission, the theme for Discover Brigham will be “collaborate, accelerate, translate,” and attendees will be invited to learn all about BWH’s efforts to bring new discoveries from the bench to the bedside faster than ever before.

The day-long celebration will feature a special nursing research forum, lunch for those who register for the day, 100 research posters throughout the hospital and moderated panel discussions with world-renowned experts on topics that have been making news headlines. Panels and moderators, including members of the media, leaders from industry and BWH experts will discussion the Zika virus, the opioid epidemic, the power of precision medicine and more at this year’s event. This year, industry partners will be a part of the majority of the day’s panels.

“I look forward to Discover Brigham every year, but this year’s event is especially inspiring, as we will be able to host many of our sessions in the new building and celebrate that building’s themes of bringing together our research and clinical communities to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in medicine today,” said Paul Anderson, MD, PhD, chief academic officer and senior vice president of Research. “This is an exciting time to be a part of the BWH community, and we look forward to opening our doors and sharing that excitement with the public.”

Patients and patient stories will be featured in several discussions, including the day’s rheumatology and immunology session, which will focus on targeting and managing pain in the context of the opioid addiction epidemic.

For a full list of this year’s panel topics, and for updates on this year’s event, click here.

“My favorite part of Discover Brigham every year is seeing all of the clinicians, scientists, employees, patients and members of industry sitting side by side and learning about the incredible work being done at the Brigham,” said Lesley Solomon, MBA, executive director of iHub and director of strategy and innovation for the BRI. “iHub’s session in particular will feature internal digital health projects, as well as a few startups we are working with to help digitize the hospital.”

At an awards ceremony following the conclusion of the panel discussions, the BRI will reveal the winners of multiple grants, totaling over $800,000 in funding: the BRI Director’s Transformative Award, the fifth annual BRIght Futures Prize, the Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Innovator Awards and Research Excellence Awards.

“This event will provide opportunities for members of the Brigham and local scientific communities to forge connections and learn more about different areas of BWH research,” said Jackie Slavik, PhD, executive director of the Brigham Research Institute. “Our team is excited about this year’s offerings. We’ve put a lot of thought into creating a series of conversations that will be of interest to researchers, clinical staff, employees, patients and industry collaborators alike, and look forward to welcoming everyone to share in this unique daylong experience.”

Register for Discover Brigham here.