Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.46.23 PM“My new year’s resolution for 2016 is to ensure my work has an impact and makes a difference. I will start the new year with trying to convince the Ministry of Health in Vietnam to work with us to implement mandatory folic acid fortification to prevent neural tube defects.”

-Karin B. Michels, ScD, PhD, epidemiologist, Channing Division of Network Medicine


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.47.08 PM“When Mike Davidson died almost one year ago, a group of us joined together to run the 2015 Boston Marathon in his honor. We all ran woefully undertrained and underprepared. In 2016, we will run the Boston Marathon again with Mike’s wife, Terri Halperin, as part of the “Running to Remember Dr. Michael J. Davidson” team. My new year’s resolution is to stay healthy and train well through the Boston winter to make Mike proud as we raise funds to support the Michael J. Davidson Traveling Fellowship for Cardiac Surgery Innovation.”

-Danny Muehlschlegel, MD, MMSc, director of Cardiovascular Anesthesia Research


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.47.53 PM“My new year’s resolution is to help introduce two new image-guided surgical procedures in the Advanced Multimodality Image Guided Operating (AMIGO) suite. The two procedures are C-arm CT-guided kidney stone ablation and Image-guided Lymphadanectomy. Using our state-of-the-art suite, these procedures would have the potential to enhance standard clinical procedures and approaches, and improve the lives of patients – which is our ultimate goal in AMIGO.”

-Jayender Jagadeesan, PhD, research associate, Department of Radiology


JaimeHart_LWT“My resolutions are intertwined; I want to be more organized and efficient so I can leave work at a more reasonable hour.”
-Jaime E. Hart, Sc.D., epidemiologist, Channing Division of Network Medicine


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.50.02 AM“In 2016, I would like to write more evidence-based randomized trials papers rather than, for example, technical notes with small numbers of subjects. On a related note, I would also like to write a short story about large-nosed hockey-playing gerbils in the hope my kids might like it. Helping BWH reach its full potential and eating more vegetables also come to mind.”

-Bruno Madore, PhD, research associate, Department of Radiology


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.50.09 AM“My resolution for 2016 is to help improve awareness of health issues and disparities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) population among BWH Primary Care Physicians. LGBT patients are less likely to be insured and more reluctant to seek medical attention because of fear of negative treatment or lack of insurance. The BWH LGBT Employee Resource Group is doing admirable work around outreach and physician-engagement and my goal is to support their efforts over the coming year.”

-Pothik Chatterjee, MBA, Manager of Innovation Strategy and Ventures, Brigham Innovation Hub


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.50.18 AM“I have three goals for next year: read more to babies and children, including my three-year-old daughter; establish more meaningful personal connections; and touch the lives of more people in positive ways.”

-Carmina Erdei, MD, Neonatologist, Pediatric Newborn Medicine