What’s New in Research

Unlocking the Mystery of Aging Cells

Steve Elledge, PhD, of the Division of Genetics, and colleagues report that a key molecule, GATA4, appears to be the switch that flips on inflammation in senescence cells.

A Faster Diagnosis Emerges For Patients with a Lymphoma That Affects the Skin

Thomas Kupper, MD, Rachael Clark, MD, PhD, and their colleagues in the Department of Dermatology report in Science Translational Medicine on a new technique that uses genetic sequencing to create a profile of the T cells present in a patient’s biopsy.

Investigating Treatments for Non-24 Disorder

Most totally blind people live with circadian rhythms that are not synchronized with the 24-hour world, a disorder called non-24 hour sleep-wake rhythm disorder (non-24), which some patients describe as a disability worse than the blindness itself.

Why Does a New Class of Drugs Work So Well for Melanoma Patients?
Recent clinical trials for patients with advanced melanoma have found that a new class of drugs – anti-PD-1 antibodies – can elicit an unprecedented response rate.
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