Tiffany_Tran“I discovered today that it’s the ten year anniversary of the BRI. I learned that at the Award Ceremony – and by looking at the cake!”

-Tiffany Tran, Finance Manager, Research Administration

mcpherson“Discover Brigham gave us the tremendous opportunity to share ongoing research in the BWH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  It also gave us the chance to explore additional collaborative opportunities with the goal of improving the outcomes of babies and contributing to BWH’s strong reputation as a national leader in neonatal care and clinical research.”

-Christopher McPherson, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist, BWH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Mallika marshall“Something I’ve been really impressed by that I learned at my [Newborn Health] session was that not only is great effort being put into trying to improve survival of newborn babies, but also to help them stay healthy – that the emphasis is not only on keeping them alive, but also making sure they are going to have a good quality of life and the best outcome possible.”

-Mallika Marshall, MD, WBZ-TV Medical Reporter and moderator of the Newborn Health session

BenjaminRaby“My colleagues on the AIMSpire team and I have discovered that the video for the BRIght Futures Prize and the competition itself were very useful for sharing our project with others. The American Thoracic Society, the Australian Thoracic Society, and many other thoracic societies have all sent out retweets and reposts and put us in their newsletters. It’s been terrific. We’ve gotten some nice support and feedback.”

-Benjamin Raby, Medical Director, MD, MPH, Director, Pulmonary Genetics Center
Sarbattama Sen
“It was really wonderful to hear about all of the research and different initiatives that are occurring to help improve care for every single baby and mom at the Brigham. Discover Brigham is a wonderful opportunity for us to hear about the amazing work that is occurring here that many of us weren’t aware of.”

-Sarbattama Sen, MD, Neonatologist and Clinical Researcher, Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine

Frank Scheer Headshot

“Today was very exciting because sleep medicine was on the agenda and we had a very lively discussion. It was wonderful to participate as a speaker. The three presentations during the Sleep Medicine session really spanned the research and clinical areas it touches, including sleep apnea, circadian biology and insufficient sleep, as well as their effects.”

-Frank Scheer, PhD, MSc, Neuroscientist and Director of BWH’s Medical Chronobiology Program