First Partners Urgent Care Center Opens

Partners Urgent Care Center in Coolidge Corner, Brookline

Partners Urgent Care Center in Coolidge Corner, Brookline

Partners HealthCare opened the first of a series of urgent care centers in Massachusetts this summer as part of its mission to provide convenient and affordable care in the communities where our patients live.

The first center opened at 1285 Beacon St. in Brookline on Aug. 31, and other locations in Newton and Watertown are scheduled to open later this year. Up to 12 centers are planned in total.

“These centers provide patients with an alternative to potentially costly Emergency Department visits for issues that aren’t true emergencies, but may require immediate attention,” said Julia Sinclair, senior vice president for Clinical Services at BWH. “We see the urgent care centers as a complement to our primary care services that will help us grow our system and potentially bring more patients in.”

The centers will perform basic procedures and provide medical care to adults and children older than 12 months. Each center will have physicians, lab capabilities and digital x-ray technology available on site, and patients who require follow-up care will be assisted with access to the Partners system if requested.

Partners Urgent Care is a collaboration between Partners HealthCare and Texas-based MedSpring Urgent Care. “MedSpring has more than 30 sites in Texas and Illinois, and it’s truly a top-notch organization dedicated to quality of care and providing outstanding services to patients,” said Sinclair. “We were very excited to partner with them on this venture.”

All centers are staffed by physicians and operate under the clinical and quality oversight of Partners HealthCare, Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and MedSpring.

“I am confident that this offering of services will support our patients, providers and employees as we continue to strive to better care for patients in a convenient, high-quality manner,” said Gregg Meyer, MD, MSc, chief clinical officer at Partners HealthCare.

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Update: Additional urgent care locations are now open in Watertown and Newton. For more details, please visit

2 Responses to “First Partners Urgent Care Center Opens”

  1. Thomas Burke

    Are there plans for an Urgent Care Center in Roxbury or Dorchester? We (BWH) serve 1000’s of patients from these 2 neighborhoods alone. Imagine how many Emergency Room visits would be eliminated if we had centers in these 2 neighborhoods.

    • BWH Public Affairs

      Thanks for reading! We’re checking to see if there are plans and will add an update here when we learn more.

      Please note that Partners Urgent Care is actively assessing multiple locations to open the next centers.
      Our center locations are chosen based on a combination of many factors, including population density, number of emergency department visits and real estate availability. We also consider the other health care resources in the immediate area. For example, there are a number of community health centers in Roxbury and Dorchester. The health centers are working hard to meet the needs of their patients and neighborhoods, including consideration of extended hours, walk-in care, and urgent care. As additional locations are confirmed, we will be updating our Partners Urgent Care Locations web page with more details:

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