BWH has one of the most advanced women’s health centers in the world committed to the discovery, dissemination and integration of knowledge on women’s health, including obstetrics and gynecology and newborn medicine. A newly announced partnership with Miami Children’s Health System (MCHS) will bring that expertise to bear on a new program as MCHS and BWH explore the development of a comprehensive high-risk fetal and newborn medicine program to care for healthy mothers who are expecting a baby with complex medical issues.

Experts from BWH will partner with MCHS to provide recommendations related to the development of the program, including establishing a high-risk-fetal labor and delivery unit at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, slated to open in 2017, as well as guidance on clinical protocols and opportunities for training and education.

“As a newborn medicine specialist, I consider it a privilege to care for the tiniest patients and their families,” said Terrie Inder, MD, MBChB, chair of the Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine. “I look forward to sharing the expertise available at BWH with my colleagues at MCHS to create a program that will offer comprehensive care for pregnant women who have challenging fetal diagnoses.”

Following an in-depth site assessment, BWH will advise MCHS on issues related to the development of the physical plant, including key decisions about equipment and technology. BWH will also offer recommendations about standardizing care models and clinical protocols and arrange for opportunities to participate in joint fetal conferences via telemedicine. Additionally, patients and researchers at MCHS will have the opportunity to participate in BWH clinical trials and other research initiatives.

“Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a leading provider of fetal and newborn care, including the diagnosis and treatment of newborn babies with complex medical issues,” said M. Narendra Kini, MD, MHA, CEO at MCHS. “We are eager to bring their expertise to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital with the goal of developing a comprehensive and patient-focused facility for women with high-risk-fetal pregnancies and their babies.”

Steven Thompson, senior vice president and chief business development officer at BWH, said that MCHS and BWH share a commitment to improve the health of mothers and their babies.  “I’m confident that our collaboration will have a meaningful impact on the patient care available to families in South Florida,” he said.