The Partners HealthCare Clinical Trials Office (CTO) is now open and ready to help expedite industry-funded clinical trial agreements for the BWHC clinical investigator community.

The Partners Clinical Research Office (PCRO) is now integrated into the CTO.

“Importantly, although the names have changed, your contacts and e-submission processes have not,” wrote Ravi Thadhani, MD, MPH, executive director of the Clinical Trials Office and Anne Klibanski, MD, chief academic officer or Partners HealthCare. “Over the coming months we will continue to streamline processes to improve services to the clinical investigator community.”

The CTO will oversee the implementation of a PHS-wide clinical trials management system (CTMS) that will be integrated with EPIC as legacy trials management systems will not transition into eCare.
An FAQ document with more information about the CTO is available to those in the BWHC community (please log in through the Research Navigator).