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“Kidney Transplant iBook”Riella_cover

Author: Leonardo V. Riella, MD, PhD, FASN, associate director of the BWH Kidney Transplant Program.

Leonardo V. Riella, MD, PhD, FASN, associate director of the Kidney Transplant Program at BWH, launched an online book on kidney transplantation on May 1. The book is available for download with iBooks on Mac or iPad and with iTunes on computer. The book features more than 250 original figures and images, including graphics, illustrations, pathology slides and radiology images. The online source also comes embedded with videos and review questions that will test knowledge on each section as well as problem-based cases.

The iBook also includes a note section and study cards and gives readers the ability to highlight sections or passages within the book that will appear within the note section for future reference. For further information on a topic, the book allows access to hyperlinks to PubMed.

The iBook can be used by medical students and fellows during their transplant rotation and as a teaching tool for attendings during rounds.

Riella’s research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of immune regulation and the development of novel therapies to promote organ tolerance.