The Brigham Leadership Program is currently accepting applications for a customized leadership training program to take place this fall at Harvard Business School and BWH. Mid-career physicians, scientists, nursing and clinical directors in management roles are encouraged to apply. Applications are due May 15.

The Brigham Leadership Program, now in its sixth year, is a collaboration between HBS, BWH’s Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (CFDD), the Physicians’ Council and the Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization. The program offers a rigorous leadership and development program with action-learning projects and custom cases for and about the BWHC environment.

The program will take place in four 2.5 day modules on site at HBS and three 2-hour interim sessions at BWH, semi-monthly, beginning in October 2015. Attendance is mandatory at all sessions.

For more details about the program and to apply, please visit