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Image_BWHBookshelfBates“Information Technology for Patient Empowerment in Healthcare”
By Maria Adela Grando, PhD, Ronen Rozenblum, PhD, MPH, David W. Bates, MD (Eds.)

Patients are more empowered to shape their own health care today than ever before.

Health information technologies are creating new opportunities for patients and families to participate actively in their care, manage their medical problems and improve communication with their healthcare providers. Moreover, health information technologies are enabling healthcare providers to partner with their patients in a bold effort to optimize quality of care, improve health outcomes and transform the healthcare system on the macro-level.

In this book, leading figures discuss the existing needs, challenges and opportunities for improving patient engagement and empowerment through health information technology, mapping out what has been accomplished and what work remains to truly transform the care we deliver and engage patients in their care.

The editors are widely recognized professors, researchers and experts in the domains of health information technology, patient-centered care, patient engagement and empowerment.

Dr. Grando is affiliated with Arizona State University and the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Rozenblum and Dr. Bates are affiliated with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University.