Jessica Dudley

Jessica Dudley

What kind of training do hospitals need to provide to help physicians grow and develop as leaders?

In a recent Harvard Business Review story, written by Jessica Dudley, MD, chief medical officer of the Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization, Dudley explains that leadership development requires recurrent refreshing and commitment to changing behaviors – both on the part of the individual and organization.

“We’ve found that leadership development is not a one-time effort but requires recurrent refreshing and reinforcement of distinct leadership skills and tools, including strategy, process improvement, and negotiation,” Dudley writes in her piece.

Based on BWH’s leadership training experience, Dudley outlines the four key components to effective leadership programs — providing leadership tools, creating opportunities to lead, holding leaders accountable and building a social network — and provides specific examples of how each of these components has contributed to successful training initiatives at BWH.

Visit the Harvard Business Review’s website to read the complete story.