What event or person inspired you in 2014?

Image_Frumin_LWT“After work on a cold December evening, I was walking to my car near the Fenway. A state trooper was parked in the middle of the street. He walked over to a homeless man, who had layers of blankets over his head and shoulders, and a shopping cart behind him, piled high with stuff. The trooper called out to the homeless man “hey boss- I have something for you”. He said it a few times and waited patiently for the man to unwrap himself. The trooper gave him a hot cup of coffee, told him to stay warm, and then went back to his car and drove off. So much kindness.”

-Melissa Frumin, MD, Division of Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, Partners IRB Chair


Image_Mazzawi_LWT“I would have to say that the person who inspired me most in 2014 is Jackie Somerville, RN, PhD our Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services. Jackie has been a role model and driving force in our journey toward Magnet status and developing a relationship based nursing practice model that speaks to the heart and soul of my nursing care along with my colleagues and staff. I’ve always been proud to be a nurse at BWH but I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities that I have had this past year under Jackie’s leadership.”

-Julianne Mazzawi, RN, MS, Nursing Services


Image_Vassy_LWT“My most inspiring moments are when my patients surprise me by overcoming all odds to quit smoking, reach a healthier weight, or make any other incredibly difficult behavior change towards a healthier life. 2014 saw a few such success stories, and I hope 2015 will have even more.”

-Jason Vassy, MD, Department of Medicine


Image_Hshieh_LWT“The event that inspired me in 2014 was probably the Boston Marathon and how people came together to make it a safe and successful event after what happened in 2013. The loss of Robin Williams was also poignant because it underscored the challenges and importance of treating depression and Parkinson’s.”

-Tammy Hshieh, MD, Division of Aging


Cunniff_LWT“At times we forget that our employees also may become patients or their family members become patients and tough decisions have to be made but Kathleen Driscoll –  my former administrator who received devastating news about a family member found [ways] to balance for over 15 months or so BWH obligations and the people she works with and her family.  She is a young mother of 2, dedicated daughter who took on the role of caretaker for her family member as well as keeping her obligation to us as our administrator.  It was very difficult for her to be both on call for us and take care of her family but she did.  What was shown is complete dedication to BWH but also the commitment and courage to put her family first but balanced both.  The courage, dedication, support, and showing us that family is first but if you have the coverage to find a way, you can still support the other half of your life which is work also.  She is one incredible daughter, mother, and employee of BWH for what she has done and what she is still doing.”

-Mary Cunniff, Department of Medicine, Administrative Office