Earlier this month, physician network Doximity, in partnership with U.S. News & World Report, released rankings for the country’s best residency programs. The rankings were the result of a survey conducted between January and July, to which more than 17,000 Doximity members, all board-certified U.S. physicians, responded. In total, they provided more than 50,000 residency nominations.

BWH made a strong showing on the list. Of 3,691 medical and surgical residency programs in more than 20 specialties, 13 BWH residency programs scored in the top 10 within their specialty.

BWH’s Neurology and OB/GYN residency programs, joint programs with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School (HMS), earned the top spot in their specialties. The BWH/HMS Plastic Surgery and BWH/MGH/HMS Radiation Oncology residency programs placed second in their categories. Additionally, BWH’s Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine (tied with University of California, San Francisco) programs placed third in the nation. The BWH/MGH/HMS Orthopedic Surgery, BWH/HMS Nuclear Medicine and BWH Pathology (tied with Stanford) residency programs also placed third.

“This national recognition of BWH is a reflection of the tremendous leadership and exceptional service in our medical and surgical residency programs,” said BWH President Betsy Nabel, MD. “We are truly fortunate to have in Boston such superb training institutions for students that benefit from the high caliber of our clinical and research professionals who have long been a source of advancing the best, evidence-informed practice in the country.”

Boston had more top-ranked medical and surgical residency programs than any other city in the nation.

This is the first national evaluation of residency programs. The data is important for medical school graduates who are researching various residency programs in their intended fields. The results will be used in an interactive tool, called Residency Navigator, designed to help third- and fourth-year medical students evaluate and select programs.