What are some ways you practice a healthy lifestyle during your work day?

“I pack a healthy lunch and I snack on vegetables during the day. I also wear a pedometer, and am committed to getting 10,000 steps a day, so I am always looking for opportunities for extra steps.”

-Nancy Keating, MD, General Medicine and Primary Care


murrayBrendan“Not only do I try and bring a healthy lunch every day, I walk around my pods constantly to get exercise. Our floor consists of a lot of patients walking around the pod with their thoracic walkers, and we actually have a picture on the wall that shows how many laps around the pod equal a mile, half-mile, quarter-mile, and so on.”

-Brendan Murray, Thoracic ICU and Telemetry


Dr. Imin Lee“Physical activity—any movement, in fact—is beneficial for health. So instead of calling or emailing my colleague down the hall, I try to walk over to have the conversation.”

-I-Min Lee, MD, ScD, Preventive Medicine


“The Fitbit BWH competition was very helpful in realizing the amount of activity that I go through on a typical day. As expected, the days in the operating room are associated with more walking, and greater energy expenditure. I am trying now to take the elevator less, and walk stairs more during the more sedentary clinic days. Most of my workout still happens on weekends and while away on conferences.”  

 -Bohdan Pomahac, MD, Plastic Surgery


rosarioAlexia“I have a pedometer, which helps me keep track of how active I have been during the day, and it motivates me to take more steps every day.”  

-Alexira Rosario, Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization


wasfy“I’ve employed creative solutions to make time for exercise such as biking or running to and from work. For me, this helps reduce stress and save time on my commute! Taking the stairs is how I get a jolt of activity during the day. Finally, I always carry a few wholesome snacks from home so that I’m not ever stuck hungry without a healthy option for food.”

-Meagan Murphy Wasfy, MD, Cardiovascular Services