With the holiday season upon us, what are some holiday traditions you partake in with family or friends?

barashAshleyMy favorite part of Christmas morning is pancakes with the family!
-Ashley Barash
Brigham and Women’s Physicians’ Organization

polinksiMy mother’s side of the family is of German descent, so we gather together with friends and family on Christmas Eve rather than on Christmas Day. Since getting married, I have the privilege of enjoying Christmas celebrations twice—once with my family on Christmas Eve and again with my husband’s family on Christmas Day.  For me, Christmas comes TWICE a year.

-Jennifer Polinski, ScD, MPH
Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics

jonesSethCutting down a tree with family and having hot chocolate.
-Seth Jones
STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation

kostieIvanaI will make a special Serbian cake. Each piece will have a small symbol of health, luck or love as the symbolic wish for the upcoming year.
-Ivana Kostie
BWH Regenerative Medicine

harrisonLouisaWe make a rice pudding on Christmas Eve where there is a game involved. The pudding is Danish (influenced from our Danish au pairs as children). There are chopped almonds inside the pudding, and one whole almond. The game is to find the whole almond, and try to hide it. Whoever finds it get a prize!

-Louisa Harrison
Partners Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine