Marshall Wolf poses with Rebecca Berman (at left) and Maria Yialamas at a celebration recognizing their new chair positions.

Known as the “dean of medical residency program directors,” Marshall Wolf, MD, is legendary for his decades-long commitment to teaching and launching the careers of some of medicine’s biggest stars. Distinguished BWH physician and former Medical Residency Programs director, Wolf has shaped the careers of more than 2,000 physicians, many of whom now hold professor or leadership positions at the country’s leading medical schools and academic medical centers.

To recognize Wolf’s accomplishments and commitment to medical education, BWH created the Marshall Wolf, MD, Center for Medical Education, a virtual center that will support residency training, innovation and excellence. Two new chairs were recently established and celebrated, both of which will serve integral roles in the new center.

At a packed Oct. 9 ceremony in Bornstein Amphitheater, Rebecca Berman, MD, of the Phyllis Jen Center, was announced as the first incumbent Marshall A. Wolf, MD, Chair in Primary Care Medical Education, and Maria Yialamas, MD, of Brigham Circle Medical Associates, was recognized as the first incumbent Sheinkopf-Bornstein Chair in Medical Education. The chair is named after the late BWH donor and former patient Louis Bornstein and his daughter, Sybil Sheinkopf, who attended the ceremony with her husband, Bob.

“Just as Dr. Wolf has guided generations of talented residents, Dr. Yialamas and Dr. Berman are now mentoring a new generation of young physicians, who will improve our care for patients and help solve tomorrow’s challenges,” said BWH President Betsy Nabel, MD. “I know our program will benefit tremendously from these two wonderful educators.”

Speakers included Wolf and his wife, Katherine Wolf, MD; Thomas H. Lee, MD, MsC, a former Wolf trainee and colleague; and Eugene Braunwald, MD, former BWH chairman and physician-in-chief. Surgeon and former figure skater Tenley Albright, MD, and BWH friend and philanthropist Estrellita Karsh were some of the many special guests in attendance.

Continuing Wolf’s legacy at BWH, the Wolf Chair bestows recognition on the incumbent and provides a source of revenue to support initiatives in education and research. The Sheinkopf-Bornstein Chair honors a teacher and mentor in the Wolf tradition, who will work to transform medical education and health care delivery and promote innovation.